Single Jewish Moms Connect

Southwest Utah

May 16-19, 2024

The Adventure of a lifetime for single Jewish moms
(All ages welcome!)

Breathe fresh air. Make new soul-friends. Reconnect with your essence.

Goodbye stress!

It's time! Go off-script. Re-energize. Have fun with women who get you.

Welcome to Single Jewish Moms Connect! A getaway retreat designed for your journey on the single Jewish mother path.

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Hello Utah!

Stunning hikes in the most gorgeous pristine national parks. Delicious kosher cuisine prepared fresh daily. The honest conversations you won’t find anywhere else. Deep connections with other like-minded women. And a wealth of wisdom from your fellow moms and the finest Jewish educators around, here to share their bounty.

"My thoughts are a lot more clear and I feel so much stronger, ready and able to deal with my challenges."

D, London, UK

"It’s going to be hard to describe to friends what this really did for me – I would keep it simple and state that it was life-changing.

Shirley, Cleveland

"I heard about it from a friend. I was hoping for inspiration, friendship, being around women who are supportive and understanding, and that’s exactly what I found here."


The Guides on Our Jewish Adventure

Bais Chana's A-List educators are wise, compassionate and fun to learn from.

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RABBI MANIS FRIEDMAN is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, educator, author, counselor and YouTube's most popular rabbi.

Friedman will challenge our assumptions about pretty much everything we hold near and dear so hold on for the ride.

We'll talk about the journey of the Jewish soul and the meaning of fate and free will. How to make your most important relationships more loving, and how to live with more dignity and humility - in a world that values neither.


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ITTY KAY is a passionate teacher who helps you bring the spiritual concepts you need into your life right now. Jump into the deep end of Jewish learning as Kay cracks open the Chassidic holy books with enthusiasm, peels back layers of superficiality and lets you peek at the world and yourself through the eyes of the Chassidic Masters.

Kay is the force behind Bais Chana's weekly online classes. Join her by signing up at


KATHERINE SALZBERG is a parent coach committed to helping you raise resilient, capable, and compassionate children who listen to you the first time. Before becoming a coach, Katherine was an anxious and exasperated mom struggling with tantrums, backtalk, hitting, sleep issues, and more. Despite seeking help from experts, things were getting worse, not better. She found a solution and has been assisting moms since 2011 to do the same.
Katherine is also an actress. Between a short-lived sitcom that lasted as long as a Middle East peace agreement, some roles in between, and a current one-person show called "Neurotic Shabbat," she hopes to keep you engaged while making parenting easier for you.

Got a personal question? Rabbi Friedman, Itty and Katherine are all available for private appointments during the retreat.

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What's on the Agenda

Reveal your gifts amidst the challenges. Raise resilient, confident kids. Build healthy, sustainable relationships. 

Learn Jewish wisdom to tap into your psyche, reduce anxiety and let go of grief. Tools for a lifetime!

Access the fountain of gratitude and transform disappointment into self-growth.

Single Jewish Moms Connect is the transformation of your lifetime! Three days of body, mind, and soul restoration, reconnection and revelation. 

Who's coming?

You, single Jewish moms wanting more connection, confidence and cheer.

Jumping with capris

It takes a single Jewish mom to get a single Jewish mom. Your journey is special. So are you. Make new friends who understand.

This retreat is for you if want

  • a fresh perspective on a challenging relationship, decision or dilemma.
  • to connect with like-minded friends, who get where you're coming from.
  • a mentor or spiritual teacher who can guide you through a rough patch.

Whether you've got a baby in your arms, or your babies have babies, this retreat is for you, single Jewish mom! Zero judgment, just 100% love and support all the way for the circumstances that led you here.

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All-Inclusive Rates

Rates are based on the room occupancy you choose (VIP Private or Girlfriend Getaway) and include overnight accommodations, all classes and workshops, and delicious kosher meals.

Single Jewish Moms Connect* starts with dinner on Thursday, May 16, through lunch-to-go on Sunday, May 19.

Jewish Women Unite starts with dinner on Sunday, May 19, through lunch-to-go on Wednesday, May 22. If you would like to attend both sessions please contact us for rates.

VIP Private: $1470/pp
Your own little sanctuary: King bed, private bath.

Girlfriend Getaway: $930/pp
Meet new people, make new connections: Full and twin beds with loft beds, custom-built for grown-ups, with shared bathroom. For 6-10 women.

Program Only: (no overnight stay)
$720 $600/pp
Join us for all classes, meals and workshops from dinner Thursday night until departures and a pack-up lunch Sunday afternoon.

*Reduced rates for these accommodations are available here for Single Jewish Moms Connect only. 

Payment plans are available for up to 6 months and can be set up on the payment page.

If you have any questions please contact our NY Office at 718-604-0088 or email info @

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received 30 days or less from your date of arrival, will not be refunded.

Travel Plans

WElcome to Utah

Arrival and Departure Times

Single Jewish Moms Connect
Arrive: Thursday, May 16 by noon to participate in optional outing or by 4 pm for regular check-in. Program starts at 5 pm.
Depart: Sunday, May 19, after 1 pm from SGU or after 3 pm from LAS. Program ends 11 am. If you'd like to explore the area further, book your flight later in the day.

By Plane

If you're flying, book your flights into S. George Airport (airport code SGU) which is 25 minutes from the retreat. Or book into Las Vegas (airport code LAS), 90 minutes from the airport. There are shuttles available from both airports.

By Car

Driving? Email us for the address.

Interested in a retreat for women of all ages, May 19-22. Check here.

Is planning your travel a daunting task? We know how you feel! Call us at 718.604.0088, and we'll help!


There are shuttle services from Las Vegas to Santa Clara, Utah. Shuttle reservations from LAS (Las Vegas International Airport) must be made in advance. As soon as you book your flights and know whether you'll need the shuttle, book your seat as they do fill.
St George Shuttle -  800.933.8320
Salt Lake Express -
The destination is Paradise Village Resort, Santa Clara, Utah
Car rentals are quite reasonable so if you and a friend are traveling together, it may be easier (and more fun!) to rent a car from Las Vegas. The drive is between 90 minutes and 2 hours and it is gorgeous!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received less than 30 days from the start of the retreat will not be refunded.

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