Sign up for the retreat in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete the application below.
  2. Submit and pay your $50 application fee. (Have a credit card ready.)
  3. If you’re applying for a Retreat Grant for yourself or a Childcare Grant, make sure to check that off on the application. You’ll receive an email with a short form to complete. If you’re not applying for a Grant, the cost for this retreat is $640.

Sign up for Jewish Single Moms' Summer Retreat

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Please check your email for a link to the Grant application. 
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John Doe - 6 - Male

John Doe - 6 - Male

John Doe - 6 - Male
If you’d like to share a room with a friend or friends, please provide their names and numbers below.

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Tell us about yourself

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Medical Information

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Please consider adding a donation to your $50 sign up fee. Every amount helps! You will be directed to the payment page once you submit this application.  Then click submit, review your responses and proceed to pay. 

If you checked off that you’ll be applying for a Grant, make sure to check your email for a link to the Grant application. We don’t ask for any financials, just your honest responses. 

See you soon!

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