Single Jewish Moms Connect

Retreats - live and virtual - created especially for YOU.

Build healthier relationships. Raise more resilient kids. Master stress and anxiety in 2021.

What happens at Single Jewish Moms Connect?

No deadlines, doctors’ appointments, bills, shopping, laundry, judgment or guilt. As much scrumptious, healthy kosher food as you can eat. Lots of laughter with women who get where you’re coming from. Bulls-eye insights that will give you the fresh perspective you’ve been looking for.

So you can raise more confident, resilient kids. Find true love you can count on. And run the peaceful, loving home you've always dreamed of.

All for women of all ages – divorced, widowed, single moms by choice or never married – raising children of all ages.


The Walder Foundation is proud to support Single Jewish Moms Connect

We're much more than "a single mom" 

That’s exactly why we created this retreat.

You've got a LOT on your shoulders - we know what that's like. We're here to lighten the load.

So whatever your next step is, join the community and we'll take it together.

Want to hear more?

Email or call or text, 917.364.2754, to get in touch with a real person who’d love to answer your questions.

Is Single Jewish Moms Connect for you?

If you enjoy quality time and a good laugh with other women who understand where you’re coming from, you're in the right place.

If you're completely satisfied with where you are in life, and you're perfectly OK thinking the same thoughts over and over again - and arriving at the same conclusions...this is probably not for you.

Mom kids and comp


If you’re moving forward, or want to.

If you can use some fresh thinking and an energizing new perspective on life, love and family.

If finding Mr. Right is like looking for a needle in the Atlantic Ocean - and you want tried-and-true pointers for a solid, happy relationship.

If – the kids!! - and you need parenting strategies that actually work.

If you’ve just got way too many balls up in the air and can’t find the time, space or money for anything extra – if any of this resonates with you, you're definitely in the right place.

Bais Chana Women International (read more about us here) is behind this remarkable initiative.

"This retreat was like a bridge over troubled waters. I just needed to get to the other side."

Elyse, New Jersey

“Well, that lifted about ten thousand pounds off my shoulders. When are we doing this again?”

Melody, Chicago


"Truly life-changing. I am not my past."

Jeannie, Rochester

It's amazing how much energy I gained - and more belief in my self. That's a huge benefit that you can't understand until you go. No one benefits when you feel all used up. 

Lisa, Kansas City

On the Agenda:

Fresh thinking to give you new clarity and strength.


Experts and educators share their wisdom about solo parenting, Jewish spiritual teachings, dating and new relationships, budgeting and financial planning. You share yours.

On your break, relax in a painting workshop. Roll up your sleeves for challah baking. Or loose track of time on a walk in the woods.

Here's a sampling of what we'll be talking about:

  • Get Smart: About balancing your responsibilities, healing old wounds and finding true love
  • L’chaim! To Life, Laughter and the Joys of Motherhood
  • When Happily Ever After Wasn’t: What’s next?
  • De-Stress In 60 Seconds or Less
  • The Trust Trap: Learn how and when to be vulnerable
  • “Anger, Resentment and Blame, Oh My!” The unpredictable mix of emotions and how to get rid of them for good
  • Why Being Both Mom and Dad is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and how to avoid it
  • Money Matters: Learn how to lay a solid financial foundation for your family – no matter what your income is today
  • Good Conversations: How to help your adult child prepare for a lifelong marriage

FIND OUT how you can apply for a generous grant to attend here. Ask about childcare if you decide to bring your young children. Email or call us, 718.604.0088

exchange of ideas

Go home renewed and reenergized.

After Single Jewish Moms Connect, you’ll feel renewed, reenergized and more confident than ever. You'll have a powerful network of incredible support, new resources you can use, and deep, lasting friendships with women from all over the country who care.

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