Emerald Coast Schedule

Biking – electric, conventional, mountain, tandem – you choose!
Hike the Scene Bay Bluffs Preserve or pick a bus tour in town

Thursday, Jan 13/11 Shvat
5:00 pm Arrive and settle in
5:30 pm Let’s Connect!
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm How to Live with Fearless Love: Understanding the journey of post-traumatic growth Freidy Yanover
8:30 pm Take Back The Steering Wheel of Your Life! Rabbi Manis Friedman

Friday, Jan 14/12 Shvat
8-9:30 am Breakfast For The Body
8:30 am Breakfast For The Soul Itty Kay
9:15 am The Forgiveness Agenda: 4-steps to let go of resentment and heal your most important relationships Freidy Yanover
10:30 am Are You Enough? Rabbi Manis Friedman
12:00 pm Lunch & Break
2 pm Aromatherapy Workshop
4:45 pm Candlelighting (actual time 4:52)
5:00 pm The Gift of Shabbat/Kabbalat Shabbat
7:00 pm Kiddush, Dinner
8:30 pm The Power of Contentment in a Frantic, Demanding, Non-Stop World Rabbi Manis Friedman

8-9:30 am Breakfast for the Body
9:15 am Breakfast for the Soul Itty Kay
10:00 am  In G-d We Trust: Easier said than done! Freidy Yanover
12:30 pm Kiddush and Lunch
3:00 pm Improv Games!
4:00 pm How to Create the Happy, Healthy, Loving Home You’ve Always Dreamt Of Rabbi Manis Friedman
Shabbat concludes at 5:49 pm
6:15 pm Havdala
7:30 pm Melava Malka

Sunday, Jan 16/14 Shvat
8-9:30 am Breakfast for the Body
8:30 am Breakfast for the Soul Itty Kay
9:15 am Processing…Processing…How to move forward with what we know now
Freidy Yanover
10:00 am Wrap-up! Rabbi Manis Friedman

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