Selfies in the Snow

Hi warm people wherever you are in the world.

Gosh,¬†it’s only been a day but I miss you already!

Remember Minnesota and the mild weather we enjoyed? Remember the breezy walks in the sunshine where we weren’t afraid to slip and break bones? Just kidding, I know, I’m just kidding!

In case you need a tiny reminder here are some of my favorite photos of us ūüėČ

Selfies in the Snow

The rest aren’t selfies per se, but who could resist??

Gangsta Shots!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… ¬†(Otherwise read as: More Gangsta shots!!)

And finally, one for the family.

Awww I know, right??

That’s all for now.
Stay warm!

<3 The BC Blogger

PS: For all of you who thought you found yourselves knee deep – you’ve got nothing on this one!