Be like Nan.

Find out why Nan said Single Jewish Moms Connect was exactly the breath of fresh air that she was looking for.

“…professionals from the group are always there to answer questionsthey make people feel incredible with art programming, physical activities, and all kinds of things to nourish the mind, body, and soul.”

-Nan from Chicago, IL

Meet Nan.

Artist. Photographer. Single Mom.

Nan is a dynamic educator and skilled administrator that specializes in both visual and media arts. She presents at national conferences on everything from art education assessments, to special ed. inclusion in the arts. In her not-so-spare time, Nan creates freelance event photography and designs photo-styled fashion ads that have graced the cover of several national publications. Nan is the mother of three adult children. Naturally, her absolute favorite photographic subjects are her grandchildren.

Be like Nan 

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Single Jewish Moms Connect

November 8-11th, 2018

The Hamptons, NY

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We guarantee you’ll come home with a story to tell, just like her.

Meet The Teachers

Did you see the amazing teachers that are coming to Single Jewish Moms Connect?

Check out the video below to get a peek into some of the wisdom you’ll be gaining. 


Class Preview: Body and Soul: What is “self”?

Rabbi Manis Friedman

In this class, Rabbi Friedman asks this question: what is the meaning of “self”? How do you balance self-interest with selflessness – a classic mom question. From there he shows us how to find true, deep, and lasting happiness.  

Come to Single Jewish Moms Connect to get the answers. 

Single Jewish Moms Connect

March 8-11th, 2018

UCLA Conference Ctr, Lake Arrowhead, CA

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Stress-Busting 101 Workshop

Do you sometimes feel like your mind is being hijacked by your thoughts and feelings?

Check out this preview of our “Stress-Busting 101” workshop on mindfulness that will be featured at Single Jewish Moms Connect!


Stress-Busting 101

Rus Devorah Wallen

Moms live a busy life, and digital devices, stress, responsibilities, and financial obligations can distract us and take over our mind. In this highly-anticipated “Stress-Busting 101” workshop, Rus Devrorah Wallen will teach techniques such as body scanning, visualization, and breathing exercises so that we can train our minds to come back to the now. The purpose of these thoughtful experiences is to give moms the practical tools to employ relaxation, presence of mind, and stability into their daily lives. Instead of getting hijacked by thoughts and feelings, Rus Devorah will help you recalibrate to make sure that your heart and mind work together synergistically like sisters, and not as competition. Listen to this short preview to get a taste of this mindfulness workshop at the upcoming Single Jewish Moms Connect.

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Single Jewish Moms Connect

March 8-11th, 2018

UCLA Conference Ctr, Lake Arrowhead, CA

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Noa’s Impressions

Did you hear about our upcoming retreat

Don’t know what to expect? 

Hear about how it impacted Noa’s life.

“This accomplished more in 2-3 days than so much [other] work… the trust in Hashem, is creating the relaxation for me; not just the spa like environment of the retreat.””

-Noa from Los Angeles

Meet Noa.

Fine Artist. Experienced Educator. Single Mom.

Noa Zelder enjoys being mom to her four lovely children. She is a fine artist in the vibrant LA community and a successful fine art teacher for the past 20 years. Noa has participated in our Single Jewish Moms Retreat for the past two years, and is very enthusiastic about sharing the inspiration our retreat provides for single moms. Here is a short clip of her talking about her experience with us.

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Women 55+ Retreat – March 4-6th

Women of All Ages Retreat – March 6-8th

Single Jewish Moms Connect – March 8-11th

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with something to say, just like Noa.

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