Holy Smokes! It’s Shoshi’s Favorite Dessert!

Purim might be over, but Pesach is not for a while yet.

Let’s celebrate life this week with lots of cocoa and a touch of summer berries.


Shoshi’s Molten Lava Cake

1 cup unsalted butter or margarine
8oz semisweet chocolate chips or chunks
5 large eggs
½ cup sugar
Pinch of salt
4 teaspoons flour
8 extra large paper muffin cups (or 12 regular)

1 (6oz) container raspberries
moistened slightly
and rolled in about ½ cup sugar right before serving.

1. Melt butter and chocolate in a medium heat proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water; remove from heat. Beat eggs, sugar and salt with a hand mixer in a medium bowl until sugar dissolves. Beat egg mixture into chocolate until smooth, beat in flour or matzo meal until just combined. (The batter can be made a day ahead; return to room temperature an hour or so before baking.

2. Before serving dinner, adjust oven rack to middle position; heat oven to 450 degrees. Line a standard size muffin tin with muffin papers. Spray muffin papers with cooking spray. Divide batter among muffin cups.

3. Bake until batter puffs but center is not set, 8 to 10 minutes. Carefully lift cakes from tim and set on a qork surface. Pull papers away from cakes and transfer cakes to dessert plates.

4. Top each cake with sugared raspberries and serve immediately.






Happy Purim!! Someone Didn’t Get a Wink of Sleep Owl Week

The results are kind of hill-airy-ice. Take a peek at whoots been flying:

























…and on THAT note, this little pair was made in the kitchen 3 minutes ago with the dough left over from these:
(Please enjoy the recipe and see what your leftovers add to the punversation 😉

BC Blogger favorite Hamentash recipe:

2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup (two sticks) margarine
1/2 cup sugar
2 egg yolks
1/4 cup orange juice
A pinch of salt.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl (adding flour if necessary).
Form little balls of the dough in the palm of your hand and flatten.
Put a small scoop of jam in the center and fold the dough in from three sides.
Pinch the three sides together over the jelly.
Bake on 350 degrees until they look ready.
A bit vague, I know, but you’ll be ok!

Now, to address the penguin in the room, I haven’t put up a single Purim post yet this week. Oops! As they say – it’s been a flying week – cut her some flock. They’ll be up real soon!

In the meanwhile; here’s a beak at what’s coming up:

Shoshi’s Corner #3: From the Pan to the Party
Our all time favorite chef’s all time favorite dessert recipe; Hot Lava Cakes!!!

I Didn’t Mask for This:
Learn from Queen Esther how to react to unexpected circumstances!


I hope everyone is still on a high!
You have been on my mind and in my heart in a really HUGE way!
Wishing you a restful Shabbos, and a very hoppy Purim!!
<3 the BC blogger




















































Forever and a Friday Ago… (and the world’s best Challa recipe, but who’s judging? ;)

Little secret about Challa baking in Minnesota on Friday, February the 14th –

It was a total improv success story.

Our Challa instructor whom we had planned and booked well in advance – a week to be exact, was stuck in traffic. With under an hour to go it didn’t look like she would make it in time.

What to do? What to do?!?!

Not to worry!
In classic Bais Chana style, someone jumped in to save the day.

With less than a moment’s notice, the adorable, the lovely, the inspirational, the sensational and most splendid Londoner Devorie jumped right in and whipped up a batch of dough before I could say “WHO?”.

From whence to procure a Challa Recipe whilst in the midst of Minnesota?
Thanks to Devorie, some quick thinking and a screen shot from Hinda Leah’s phone, we hereby present you with

The World’s Best Challa You Ever Did See.

15 IMG_2367

4(.25 ounce) packages quick rise dry yeast
4 cups warm water
2 tablespoons salt
3/4 cups white sugar
3/4 cup oil
4 eggs
12 cups bread flour, or as needed

1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup sesame seeds divided

In a large bowl combine the yeast, water and a few spoons full of sugar.
Once the yeast bubbles, add the rest of the wet ingredients and mix.

Add the dry ingredients and knead for 10 – 15 minutes.


Once the dough is ready:


Step #1: Scoop up a handful into your hands*. Recite the Bracha for separating Challa:


ברוך אתה “ אלהינו הלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצוותיו וציונו להפריש חלה
“Boruch Atoh Ado-nay Elo-heinu Melech Ha’Olam Asher Kidshanu B’mitzvosav V’tzivanu L’hafrish Challah”
“Blessed are You, Lord, our G-d, King of the Universe, Who has sanctified us with his Commandments and commanded us to separate challah (from the dough).”


Set aside that piece to be burned.

Step #2: Braid the Challa!!

9 IMG_2371Wow. Nice one Elka!!


Once braided, allow the dough to rise about 30 minutes.

In a small bowl, combine the egg and vanilla.
Brush the Challas.
Then sprinkle with the sesame seeds or the topping of your choice.
Previously attempted in Bais Chana; cinnamon sugar, colorful sprinkles, chocolate chips, fried onion, zaatar seasonings…
The possibilities are endless!!


Send us a photo of your favorite one!

When making your Challa this week remember to keep in mind blessings for all!
I wish you all the health, joy, strength and clarity imaginable. Just kidding – I wish you more than imaginable!
May Hashem bless each of you and all of our brethren and sisters all over the world with immediate and lasting peace, and may our true oneness be revealed once and for all.

Hugs and Happy Shabbos!
<3 the BC Blogger





III. The Procedure

After kneading, while standing, one should hold with the right hand a k’zayis (30g) of the dough (without detaching it) and recite the bracha: “…Asher kidshanu b’mitzvosav v’tzivanu l’hafrish Challah” (some add the words min ha’eesa14). One should then pull off the dough.15 At this point, some recite the words “harei zu Challah” (one may not say this until the piece has been pulled off).

The Challah should then be burned17 as soon as possible until it is completely charred. One should not store the Challah for future burning (e.g. freeze it for burning at biur chametz on Erev Pesach), as this undermines one of the reasons we burn the dough, shelo yavo leydai takala, that one will not accidentally mix this dough (which is Challah) with regular dough and inadvertently bake and eat it.

Perk #1 – They Were Not Kidding!

It’s that time of week again – Shoshi’s Corner!!

Let’s talk about the Granola.
I mean – How good was this stuff?!

Thanks Shoshi!
Can’t wait to try it at home.

Shoshi’s Almond Fruit and Nut Granola

12 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup slivered almonds
1 cup walnut pieces
1 cup crasins
1 cup dried cherries
1 cup molasses
1 cup honey
1 cup oil

Preheated oven to 400.
In a large bowl combine oats and nuts. Set aside.
In a sauce pan combine molasses, honey, and oil. Heat to boiling.
Take off of flame and mix in to the bowl of nuts and oats until well combined.
Line 3 jelly roll pans with tin foil and spray. Divide the mixture equally between the pans and place in oven.  Cook about 20 minutes stirring every 5 minutes.
Let cool 2 hours, pour in to large bowl.
Add the dried fruit and enjoy.

As you enjoy your fruit and nut granola don’t forget to go N.U.T.S. As Chaya’le Gurary would say – Never Underestimate True Simcha! A handful of true joy can’t hurt.

Wishing you a truly nutty – I mean – neat Shabbos.
<3 the BC Blogger


PS – Personal message from Hinda Leah: “Skip the cooking stage. One less pot to clean.”

PPS – If you do not (like Shoshi does) have 30 hungry people to feed, you know how to split this recipe by a third or a quarter, right?

PPPS – Can we get together for breakfast again sometime soon??


Shoshi’s Corner

A Friday Formula from our Favorite Foodie

Can you spot her?

I found her in the classroom,

I found her outdoors,

I even found her knitting,

and all this time you thought she was in the kitchen!

Oh wait, I found her in the kitchen –

but that doesn’t look like no cooking to me! When did she do it all?! You know, that crazy, unbelievable, flavor-bursting, meticulously cut and crafted, beautifully presented fare she prepared twice, three times a day?

Honestly, I tried to sneak into the kitchen at all different times of day and night to see when the magic happens but at some point I just gave up. Whatever it is that she’s doing, it’s probably beyond the natural. I literally never caught her cooking! It’s like everything was always in order and in place. There was not a dish in the sink, not a crumb on the table, and Shoshi is on the counter knitting. Then I turn around for a second  and boom – seven dish meal bursting with crazy flavors all laid out pretty in the eating room.

I know you’re craving all the recipes at once but we’re not going to make it easy 😉
For today we present to you just the most popular ever, fan favorite dressing of all times:

 Shoshi’s Sweet Basil Salad Dressing

 2 cups fresh basil
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 cloves garlic
1 cup olive oil

In the bowl of the food processor
combine basil, vinegar,  sugar, and garlic.  
Blend for 2 minutes.
While the processor is still running slowly add the oil let run 20 more seconds and enjoy. 
And that my folks… is how it’s done!!
Wishing each of you and all of our sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors and friends a most delightful Shabbos.
<3 Love, the BC Blogger
PS let me know what you think!