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For Teen Girls

The Jewish UnCamp

If you have a teenage daughter, niece or neighbor, tell her about the Jewish UnCamp for girls 15-18 years old. We run weekend programs during the school year and a 3-wk summer session. Girls come for candid discussion about the things that matter most to them, with their independent-thinking Jewish peers from across the country. They’ll also do creative workshops and go on great trips. Generous scholarships mean there are no more excuses to stay home.
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For College Women

Snorkel & Study

If you know any Jewish college women – undergrads or grad students – looking for the perfect winter break adventure, tell them about Snorkel & Study. It’s seven days of mind-blowing Jewish learning, lots of sun, swimming, tanning, snorkeling, friendship and fun, and they’ll share it with students from all over the world and with A-list Jewish educators. Full Scholarships make this a no-brainer.

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For Women

Jewish Study Retreats

Bais Chana has been running women’s study retreats for over 40 years. Choose the 4-day spring session or come for as long as you can during the 2-week summer session. You’re in for stimulating discussion with new friends, brilliant teachers who’ll expand your thinking and challenge your assumptions, and thought-provoking subject matter drawn from Jewish texts that will resonate long after you go home. For women of all ages, including students. Ask about payment plans, student rates and work-study.

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For Single Moms

Single Jewish Moms Connect

If you know a single mom, you owe it to her to let her know about this retreat. It’s just what she needs when she needs it most: real support, an array of resources, lasting friendships and an empowering new perspective on life. Four-day retreats over holiday weekends make it easy to schedule a getaway that won’t interrupt work. We offer childcare and generous grants to attend.

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